Monday, 10 January 2011

would you believe it........????

bet you won't but i've gone and booked another holiday, that you can believe this is the bit you'll find's not in scotland :o:o:o LOL yup you read that right, not in scotland, it's in cumbria, 15 mins drive away from keswick, mind you one of the selling points was the view across the solway firth to the galloway hills so at least i can still see scotland while we're away LOL another of the selling points was the hot tub and yet another was the access to the spa at armathwaite hall for free while we are there :D OMG i'm already planning what treatment i fancy LOL

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Sandra said...

Good for you. We live in the most fabulous country in the world, so it's good get out there and see as much of it as we can.