Sunday, 16 January 2011

and now we begin with b

so this morning when it wasn't hoying it down or blowing that much of a gale (just a small gale LOL) i headed off to blyth to get some b photos for the a-z challenge, so i managed beach huts, blyth beach and breaking water LOL it was really windy down there (or maybe i should say blustery LOL) but it was quite warm, there were loads of people there walking their doggies from very large rottweilers to the dinkiest daschunds and everything in between, i wanted to ask the daschund owner if i could take it's photo in preparation for the letter d but thought they might think i was a nutter LOL

so i've had lots of lungfuls of good old north sea air, it might just be time for an afternoon nap LOL


jo said...

Fab photos - looks as though you had a bracing walk!!

Karen said...

Great photos, the sea looks a bit choppy looking at those strong waves.