Thursday, 27 January 2011

gosh how did it get to be thursday already LOL

time flies when you're having fun i guess LOL i've been on earlies this week which means i can spend some time in the craft room when i get in from work, so this week i've finished the recipe cards for the team swap over on uk scrappers and i've been doing a mini book for the a mini a month challenge over here on karens blog, i've had the book made for ages but needed to decorate it so that's what i did when i had a sneaky afternoon off work yesterday, then last night i starts to fill it in(i'm using it as a list of names and addresses for sending xmas cards) and i had filled three of the four sections in when i remembered i had put white card on the back of each tag to write on LOL so i had to re do those three tags and remember to write on the paper this time instead of the patterned paper LOL

so tonights plan is to take photos of it and i'll put them on here tomorrow for everyone to see :)

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Dee . . . . . said...

Tell me about Debbie - the week has flown by! Look forward to seeing the recipe tags I need to get on with mine too