Friday, 28 January 2011

mini book and recipe cards

last night i finally got round to taking photos of the tags i've made for the rik rak ravers swap and the mini book i have made for the "a mini a month" challenge over on karens blog.

for the recipe tag swap i have gone for liquid recipes as i don't really cook so i did a couple of cocktail recipes plus for my teetotal teamie lisa, a couple of non alcoholic yummy things LOL also i hope my teamie suzy doesn't mind but i stole her title cos i thought it was perfect LOL

for the "a mini a month" challenge, karen had designed an lovely envelope book with the theme of new beginnings, me being me i sort of set off on a tangent and my new beginnings was to make an envelope book with tags to keep the names and addresses of all the peeps i send xmas cards to in, instead of frantically trying to remember where i've kept the list every december LOL so here's a few pics


Suzy said...

Loving that mini book Debbie and so looking forward to receiving my recipe tags. You stole my title lol

Love S xx

Lisa said...

Can't wait to get my non-boozy card hun


Lelly said...

Debbie they are gorgeous X

Karen said...

WOW your mini book is fab Debbie, and what a great idea to use it for :)

Love the recipe cards as well!

Dee . . . . . said...

Love your mini album Debbie :)
And the tags look great, cant wait to try out the recipes

Sandra said...

oh Debbie ... they look just fabulous