Sunday, 23 January 2011

a fab weekend

after enjoying my unexpected training at the end of the week and being reasonably sure i have passed the course i was really looking forward to this weekend, cropping with the frozen north girls in the morning and having my buddies round for chinese and a chat on the evening and new computer games to play with and maybe some scrapping done on the sunday :) so far it has been just what i wanted :) really enjoyed the crop and getting a lot of dad's quilt finished then having a really good laugh with my buddies last night, we have tentatively arranged the next meet up at b's house to be a sleepover/ pyjama party LOL gosh we know how to live don't we LOL and i also mentioned us all going away somewhere together and that received the big thumbs up too :D i love nights with my buddies, they always give me a big grin on my face LOL

just chilling and waiting for the bowls to start LOL dad loves the bowls on the telly so i'll be earplugs in and playing my new game or i might head up to the craft room, desicions desicions LOL

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