Saturday, 11 July 2009

when i rule the world

neighbours who mow their lawns at 8:15am on a saturday morning will be executed at dawn LOL i mean come on how rude it's the weekend for $*#%'s sake LOL

went and got my photo's developped at asda today, they got done on the hour long service so i had an hour to waste, and waste it i did LOL ended up with two new ds games and five new books, got the stephanie mayer twighlight saga and the new karin slaughter, they should have been well over 30 quid but when i put them through the self service till it only came to £24 so that was a bargain, sat in maccie d's nursing a cup of hot chocolate until it was time to go and pick them up, then went along to arty and craft and bought some beads and wired to make my name badge for the retreat in march

going to watch all the torchwood episodes i taped last week and have a marathon torchwood session tonight

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