Tuesday, 21 July 2009

trapped wind? my arse

woke up on sunday morning with a really bad pain in the left side of my chest and it was really sore at work on monday, of course i got lots of sympathy off my lovely work mates who suggested i had trapped wind and obviously needed a good old fart LOL well i started feeling this really strange burning sensation over the painful area and then i noticed a few spots so took myself off to the doctors after work and i have shingles, luckily apart from the pain i feel absolutely fine and not at all poorly, just wait until i go to work tomorrow, trapped wind LOL my arse LOL

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Alison5 said...

Not sure whether to say i'm glad it wasn't trapped wind or not lol, not sure which is worse trapped wind or shingles. Hope your feeling better soon. I do get trapped wind a believe me it is so painful but luckily mine comes up and doesn't go down. LMAO