Wednesday, 15 July 2009

veni vedi visa LOL

today is payday which can mean only one thing, i spent LOL as you probably all know i have no nice clothes and am always dressed in rags LOL so i needed those four new t shirts i ordered from evans this afternoon LOL ok to be truthful i have two double wardrobes in my bedroom stuffed full and a huge fitted wardrobe in the craft room stuffed full and i still have to put my winter clothes away in boxes as i have no room to store them during the summer............................but it's a tinkerbelle t shirt, i mean every girl deserves a tinkerbelle t shirt at least once in their lives don't they and right now is my time for a tinkerbelle t shirt LOL and ok i know i could have stopped there but the other 3 t shirts were rather nice too, a neon lightening rock chick look one and a white one shoulder thing and a black backless number too, hopefully they will arrive when dad is out LOL

now must go i have tea to have and i have got to get this cj done by friday LOL

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