Sunday, 19 July 2009

my favourite day of the month

is fast becoming the third saturday, two months in a row now i have had the scrap and yap and a night out with the girls for a chinese and i am relly liking it, might have to try and persuade the girls to make this a regular thing LOL firstly though i had a great time at the crop though it was awfully quiet at first, just me and j, but eventually l, l, j and p turned up too and best thing, j came armed with chocolate and even better, thorntons chocolates at that, the smell was just divine LOL i managed a scrap and yap record of 5 finished lo's, used all my new kits, had a wee go off my new sewing machine which is quickly turning into my fave toy and only spent 6 quid but got lots of lovely new lace to add to my collection LOL they all loved the kit i had put together for the raffle and j won so she has the stress of putting together a kit for the next time LOL had some pretty hairy driving conditions to ge through on the way home when the heavens opened and even with the wipers on quickest speed i could not see a thing, just slowed right down and drove very carefully until i was through it

was first to arrive at c's quickly followed by b and v then m and r arrived, we had a really good chat, lots of hysterical laughter usually aimed at b or me, a nice chinese and a glass or two of the falling down water both the red and white varieties LOL home for about midnight so straight to bed and a nice long lie in this morning

this afternoons plan is to get the shop done, take some photo's of my lo's then upload them so i might have some pretty things to show you later on if i'm lucky LOL

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