Friday, 17 July 2009

do i need an ark?

well maybe if this damn rain doesn't let up soon LOL we had the most torrential downpour i have ever seen yesterday, we opened the doors at work to let the kids see and hear it then i found a clear plastic umbrella and sent them out one by one under it into the yard so they could experience the rain but keep dry, they loved it, a few were a bit more cautious than the others but E loved it and was dancing around the yard and twirling the umbrella LOL wish i had been out there with her LOL

but today has been a lousy day, the kids are all like caged lions due to not being able to spend time outside ans there behaviour has been awful, i was so glad when half four came i was out that door like a shot LOL tonight i need wine and cheesy chips and i've got my lovely durham crop to go to tomorrow though and come hell or high water (which is looking increasingly likely LOL) i'll get there

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