Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Had my weigh in tonight and i lost a pound and a half, yeah me :-) well no actually, i was completely and utterly gutted and promptly burst into tears,why? Well i so wanted to get my two stone award this week but no it wasn't to be, plus all the swimming i've done this week too. Never mind onwards and downwards i go and at least i didn't head home and consume my body weight in chocolate cos i hadn't got that shiny sticker, hopefully next week


glamgran said...

You will Debbie, you will! I know it's disheartening to have some big losses, & then a small one(i know, it's happened to me!), but, get right back on that horse, & carry on. WELL DONE!

Wendy said...

keep going kiddo - you are meant to get that sticker later - spreading out the lushness of it all :)