Friday, 3 February 2012

back to work

today after being off for a couple of days with dizziness and feeling sick as well as my cough and cold, i have some antibiotics now so hopefully that will kick it into touch :)
never had a chance to get on to let people know how i did at slimming world on tuesday, another 5lbs off to make 19.5lbs in 3 weeks :) was over the moon to be slimmer of the month too :) so i now want to lose at least a pound and a half next week so i can get my 1.5 stone award :) can you tell i'm very highly motivated by shiny stickers LOL


glamgran said...

Many, many, CONGRATULATIONS. Well done Debbie. Looking forward to finally making it on the 11th.
Linda Jones

Sandra said...

Debbie you have done so well, and to be slimmer of the month, that's just amazing .... Way to go :)