Monday, 13 February 2012


Where did that week go to LOL had a busy week, then i had the frozen north crop at the weekend, and i've been swimming too, started last week with 16 lengths, i'm now up to 26 and can swim them in sets of ten :-) i signed up online to do the swimfit challenge, i find the actual sessions too hard at the moment but i'm enjoying the challenges. The first one i decided to do was the distance of the great north swim which is two miles, i'm 96.4% finished that one now :-) so i'll be looking for a new one from tomorrow LOL i can even buy certificates and badges when i have done certain distances, well i'll have to have a few of them to go in the weight loss journal LOL hoping to get a few body magic stickers to add to my weight loss stickers too! Hoping for 3.5lbs tomorrow night to get my 2 stone award! I'm very highly motivated by a shiny sticker LOL

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Sandra said...

You're doing amazingly well Debbie.