Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Five pounds off last night so i got my one and a half stone award, making 24.5 pounds in four weeks :-) i have 3.5lbs to lose to my 2 stone award so would love to get that next week but i'm not building my hopes up, any loss is great and i know it will have to slow down eventually. Also decided to bite the bullet and join the health club at the hotel the slimming world class is held at, i love swimming and they have a lovely pool with steps down into the pool as i can't manage ladders at the moment, had a look round the rest of the gym which was very scary but i did it. It's a bit expensive but i was spending a heck of a lot a month on takeaways so at least this is going to get me fit and toned up :-) So tonight i decided to go for my first swim, it's a 25m pool and i did 16 lengths before i was exhausted LOL but 16 lengths equates to 400m so i'm pretty proud of that, i should sleep well tonight too LOL


Sandra said...

I can't tell you how much I'm in awe of you, honestly, I'm so IMPRESSED

Clare said...

You're doing amazingly Debbie! Such an inspiration! Keep at it and well done for joining the health club!