Monday, 16 January 2012

snot go away

suzy, jules, lesley, clare, moi, dee and the bloss :)
fed up with being full of cold now and barking like a seal :( did have a fantabulous time at the frozen north crop on saturday even if i did sneeze the whole way through it, got to meet two new teamies and we had such a laugh, it was a world record as we had 7 rik rak ravers all in one room :) loving the photos that pam took they will be appearing on a lo very soon
proving we are raving ravers........7 go mad in holystone LOL
i managed 6 lo's and even managed to not eat crop cake (even though it has no calories LOL) and was good when the otheres got a chinese takeaway, sticking to my pasta salad and yoghurt :)

speaking of pasta salad, i have my first weigh in tomorrow night, looking forward to it, hoping for a loss and secretly hoping for a 4lb loss as that would take me down into a different stone :)

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Sandra said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time and very productive too :)