Saturday, 7 January 2012

in the middle of the birthday weekend

i'm having a fantastic time though it is proving a bit difficult to prize myself off the new toy LOL had a delicous afternoon tea at dobbies in ponteland then we had the most fantastic meal at cafe 21 in the evening, i have always wanted to try steak tartare and when i saw they had it on as a starter i knew i would have to give it a go, it was bloody lovely and i'll defo have it again, i then had venison medallions which were delicous too, followed by chocolate donut with pistachio icecream, there was a mistake with the ice cream and they'd put vanilla on the top so i then scored for an extra helping of pistachio icecream LOL yum LOL good job the slimming world diet doesn't start until monday eh LOL


Sandra said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday ttoooooo yooou
Happppyy Birthdaaay dear Debbbieeeee
Happy birthdaaaayyyyyy tooooooooo yoooooouuuuuu xxx

glamgran said...

Hey Debs! Guess where I have just been? Dobbies at Ponteland!!!! LOL

Looking forward to my first kit from Sarah's Cards arriving :-)