Wednesday, 11 January 2012

been awol

due to the fact i have to be surgically removed from my ipad every evening to do things like eat and go to bed LOL to say i love it is an understatement LOL and once i get my email account set up on it i'll probably never use this old thing LOL

went to slimming world last night to join up, have been eating very healthily since sunday night when i had a last supper of prawn curry and chips with a peshwari naan and a glass of wine LOL finding it ok so far but struggling with feeling hungry just before lunchtime cos i've had my breakfast so early and sadly i can't slip away from the room at work to go have something to eat, am a bit worried about late shifts next week cos i don't get my lunch break until well after 1pm instead of 12:30 but i'll see how it goes and try and work it out, having my fave meal tonight...............jacket potato, beans and cheese :)

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Sandra said...

I fully understand your obsession with the iPad, I love mine :). Blog reading is so easy too.

Well done om joining slimming world