Saturday, 21 January 2012

the results of last weeks crop

and another couple i managed a while ago but have just got round to photographing LOL
dad on the sea probe atlantis on the kyle of lochalsh.

babbling brook running down the side of the ptarmigan station on cairngorm

dad and i after we gor off the funicular railway at the top station on cairngorm

looking through the windows of the glass bottomed boat at the kyle of lochalsh

done using the sketch from the simple recipes challenge over on uks, dad at the commando memorial, spean bridge

part of the work through the woods on the ardverickie estate, got to eat wild blueberries that the gorgeous matt picked from the sides of the path as we walked along to the waterfall on our land rover safari

chinese whisper lo, the house on the ardverickie estate in scotland where monarch of the glen was filmed

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