Thursday, 2 June 2011

how hard can it be................... get a boring up lighter lampshade???? well surprisingly difficult as it turns out :-( i have a set of very old spotlights in my bedroom, have had them for years and there has been one of the lights has been out for ages, well a couple of nights ago another of the bulbs went out, dad tried to get the bulbs out tonight but we cannot get them to budge so i decided i might as well treat myself to a new light fitting, all i want is a ceiling rose with wire and bulb fitted (£2.49 in argos thank you very much) so i decided a nice up lighter shade would be perfect as i don't want to be hitting my head on a the shade every time i go passed, so i've searched and searched until i finally managed to find a lovely cream coloured one with clear acrylic beads on it :-) hopefully it won't take too long to arrive LOL

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