Tuesday, 28 June 2011

calamity debs

that's what it feels like at the mo, we went on our holidays on saturday staying up in the middle of nowhere near alyth in angus in scotland, the first calamity occurred when we pulls up at the caravan site and i goes to check in, turns out i had the wrong dates and we should have been there the week before :-O i couldn't believe it and i have no idea how it happened :-O very kindly they said that since the van we were booked in was vacant that week we could stay :-) so we got all settled, i started feeling really poorly mid afternoon, lots of coughing and feeling very breathless but just got on with things but by the sunday morning i was really feeling ill, we went out for the day but by mid afternoon i was in hospital in blairgowrie having been sent by nhs direct to be checked out, came away with some antibiotics and instructions to take my inhalers up to 10 puffs four times a day and whenever necessary as well as taking paracetemol to reduce my temperature and take away the pains in my head, back and sides, monday dawned and i was knackered as i'd spent the night sitting up trying to stop the coughing and the wheezing but i soldiered on and we drove along to stirling to go and see the newly refurbished palace at stirling castle, hadn't even got out of the car and i started feeling breathless so took my inhalers and off we went, i was okay going round the inside but once we were outside my breathing got worse and worse until i was gasping for breath, my inhalers weren't touching it so went to hospital were they put me on a nebuliser which got me sorted, by then though i just wanted to come home and be poorly at home, so when they let me out of hospital we drove back to the caravan site, packed up and left early this morning :-( along the way i managed to drop my camera on the floor in stirling castle and it broke open, i clipped it back together but it's not focusing properly so that'll have to go into the shop to be mended too :-( but at least i'm home and only 5 minutes from a hospital if my chest flares up again rather than the 45 minutes from a hospital we were up in alyth

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