Sunday, 12 June 2011

a mini a month challenge

i've been taking part in the a mini a month challenge over on karens blog but the past two months there has been no more posts and no news from karen :-( i was really enjoying doing the challenge so i suggested to the rest of the amam group that until karen gets back to us (hoping that is very soon karen) we should keep it going with one of us being a guest designer each month......... so i volunteered to be guest designer for this month so here we go..........................

we are going to make a 6x6 mini book with apertures in the pages and a fold over flap closure :-) just like the one above ^^^^^^^^^ :-)

you will need 2 pieces of cardboard 1 at 6x6 inches (all my measurements will be in inches, i don't do this cm malarkey LOL) and 1 at 6x12 for your covers, to cover your covers you will need 2 pieces of 6x6 for the front and 2 pieces of 6x12 for the back, and for the inner pages as many pieces of 6x6 double sided paper you want. i started off by making my pages, i stuck 6x6 pieces of pp together to make them stronger and ended up with 7 pages, then using my craft knife and some square punches i made various sized apertures in each page, arranging them so you get a little sneaky peak of the page underneath through each aperture :-) i then turned my attention to the covers stick you cover pp to the outside of the front cover and put to one side, taking the 12x12 piece of cardboard cut it to 1 6x6 piece, 1 6x1.5 piece and 1 6x2.5 piece and stick them to the outer 12x12 pp like this when you have done this trim off the excess pp. next choose two buttons you would like to use as your closure and sew them onto your front cover and the flap of your back cover like this, leave a long tail on the button on the flap, you will be using this to tie the two buttons together to close the book, i stuck the thread to the inside of the covers with lots of double sided tape, to make sure it stayed put, then put your inner cover pp's on, bend the back cover at the gaps in the pp's using a bone folder to get a nice crisp fold :-) the next step is to place the photos on each page, i tried to arrange mine so there was a little view of the photo on the next page on the page in front, i then decorated and journalled in it before using my bind it all to bind the pages together, if you don't have a bia you could always use book rings, ribbon or string to bind your book. so here it is the finished book, i hope you like it and fancy giving it a go, i've never wrote instructions on how to do something before so i hope you understand them, let's me see your books when they are finished as i'd love to see them :-)


Lynn said...

Hi Debbie

Found your blog just now and noticed we are from the same town and have similar interests, particularly Scotalnd, photography and scrapbooking. I don't know other scrapbookers in my local area so I would love to meet you. Also I noticed from another post that you go to a crop, is this local? The nearest crop I found was in Blyth.

My blog is

Would love it if you contacted me!

Love your mini by the way!


Lynne said...

Bless you Debbie doing this until karen is back. you are so brave. thank you will give it a try when i get back from a mini break xx

chris hennen said...

I love your mini book, Off to start it now.

uhooi said...

Waw,, It works very good, creative and beautiful,,

Isobel said...

Thanks for being this months designer Debbie. The mini book looks fab and I will certainly give it a go. Isobel