Sunday, 29 May 2011

a whole week.....................

...............without blogging, this is what happens when i'm on a late shift all week then have a 12 hour crop on a saturday LOL had such a fabulous time at the crop, i only managed 11 hours of it as i was knackered but i did manage 10 lo's, lunch, cake and a chinese takeaway LOL today i've been putting all the craft stuff away and having a jolly good sort of the craft room, had a bit of a reshuffle and a throw away and now i'm much happier with it (until the next time of course LOL) so tonight the plan is to get a wee bit pissed and chill out, mind you i really need a haircut so i might do that before i start on the alcohol LOL

1 comment:

Suzy said...

For goodness sake Debbie - cut your hair before you open the bottle lol.

It was a fab crop yesterday I had a great time. Cant wait till the next time