Thursday, 10 February 2011

starting again LOL

as soon as dad's quilt was finished i began to get crafting withdrawal symptoms so got some knitting out to keep me going until the new lot of fabric i had ordered got to me, i ordered two jelly rolls which are from a company called moda and you get 40+ strips of fabric that are 40 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide, i got one called it's a hoot and the other was called lollipop, i also bought a charm pack in the it's a hoot patterns, so i've started making a log cabin design quilt with the lollipop jelly roll, i'm making a set of squares which i will then sew up to make the finished quilt and then i think i'm going to have a go of quilting it by hand or try dropping the feeders on my sewing machine and see if i can do freestyle stitching on that,

here's a couple of the squares i've done already, have managed five so far :) sorry for the crap photos i just snapped them while the squares were on my knee but they give you some idea of what i'm up to :)


Sandra said...

Now you're just showing off missy! LOL ... it looks fabulous.

Lelly said...

Debbie its gorgeous and will be fab when its finshed