Wednesday, 2 February 2011

feeling :-(

woke up on sunday morning feeling like i had been hit by a rather large truck, my head was so sore and the stuff coming out of my nose was a tad green to say the least, went to work on monday but was only there a couple of hours and i had to come home, went straight to bed and slept for 30 of the next 36 hours :( went to the doctors yesterday and was given some antibiotics which give me heartburn and make me feel sick and i had to go back for blood tests today to see if there is any reason for my feeling dizzy and so tired, have to persevere with the antibiotics as they are about the only ones left to give me since i'm allergic to penicillin and eryhtromicin make me so poorly, but one good thing to report is that it's not my chest this time but my sinuses are really badly blocked :( so we shall see what the bloods come back like. going back to work tomorrow any way, see how i go LOL

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