Friday, 25 February 2011

normal service has been resumed LOL

had myself a very early night in bed last night and a really good nights sleep and i feel so much better for it today, got started on my packing for the Sarah's cards retreat and that really helped cheer me up then at work today we managed a bit of a laugh :) we were really quiet this afternoon so ended up taking the kiddies out for a walk :) let me set the scene, 5 littlies who never walk anywhere on wrist straps walking up the road to morrisons, i had 3 who were all determined to go in completely different directions to each other and we hadn't even got out of the nursery car park when they were so tangled up we had to stop and untangle them LOL we then had 1 super speedy walker and 1 who was ultra slow, 1 who sang the entire time and one who stopped every time she spotted a letter in her name LOL which was a lot LOL another one screamed all the way back to nursery when i wouldn't buy her a milky bar at the checkouts LOL and another one who kept muttering shut up shut up to the screaming one LOL needless to say we weren't out for very long LOL and the next time we are quiet i'm not suggesting a walk anywhere LOL

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