Friday, 18 February 2011

birthday meal

took dad out for his birthday meal tonight as i am out at a retirement/reunion tomorrow night and it's his birthday on monday so didn't want to go out on that night when i have work the next day, we went to our usual restaurant, the black door in sheildfield, the food was it's usual delicious stuff and very good but the service was pants, it was obvious they were short staffed as there was only 3 waiting staff working for a restaurant with 17 tables full and a private party going on, the first and mains arrived ok but we waited an hour and 15 mins to get our puddings and we only got them because i had to ask the waitress to come and serve us and dad had to go and ask for my dessert wine to come with my dessert LOL anyway when we got the bill they asked if everything was ok and i said no the food was lovely but the service left a lot to be desired and not up to their usual standards, got the wine and coffee for free LOL result LOL

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