Saturday, 1 August 2009

soldiering on

had a really bad nights sleep last night, if i lay on my back my knee hurt, if i lay on my right side my shoulder hurt and if i lay on my left side my chest hurt, finally managed to drop off about 5:30am then was up at 9:30 to empty my craft bag, got everything put away then did the cj entry and sorted out the photo's i actually intend to scrap in the june holiday album, then did a couple of lo's to make a start, of course i was as stiff as a board when i got up and my chest was killing again, roll on next week when i can get an appointment to discuss where we go from here.

finally managed to get twilight finished and about to start on the next one, took me a while to read it but it was really good, don't think i fancy the film though, think it would ruin my image of edward LOL

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