Friday, 25 June 2010

tfi friday

and as i expected she waited until i was coming back from my lunch break this afternoon to say "thought we'd do a little consutation" i said no it could wait until after my holidays and she says "i only want to see how you are doing" i replies "not very well" and burst into tears and walked away from her, as she calls after my all concerned "aww debbie" GRRRRRRRR

well stuff it, i'm having my holiday and not thinking about the place for 9 whole days, fingers crossed i can win the lottery when we're away and i'll not even ring to say i'm not going back LOL

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Suzy said...

Debbie she really is a mean beast. You have a great holiday and dont give it a second thought. I am so lucky my boss is agem and she even gave me wine and chocs for my birthday today.

Weather is still hot up here. Looking forward to seeing your picsx when u get back