Wednesday, 9 June 2010

addiction returned

to facebook that is, i used to be on it ages ago but deactivated my account after having lots of trouble with the applications on it that i had signed up for, decided to go back on and deleted all of the applications, and i'm addicted to it again, especially as i have found lots of my scrapping pals on there too, have added treasure hunting to my page so between facebook, this blog, uk scrappers, blog hopping and reading books looks like i'm going to be scrapping on weekends only LOL

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Suzy said...

Ah Debbie. The evils of the internet! I only seem to have time for scrapping at the weekends too but apart from being tired during the week from work I do spend too much time between blogging, blog hopping, UKS and Facebook - although I dont play any of the games on there or I would never get off the computer!!