Thursday, 9 August 2012

laughed until we cried

at work today! we had Otters olympics at work and the kids were fab, we had a parade of athletes to start with the torch being carried in by one of the littlies. we then had various events ranging from the 100m hurdles, show jumping (with hobby horses LOL), discus and shotput to artistic gymnastics cycle pursuit, long jump and the sprint. afterwards we had medal ceremonies for each event and we sang the national anthem while waving flags in the air !!!!! it was such fun, little miss t had a refusal at the first fence of the showjuming shouting i can't do it!!!! the fence was 5 inches high LOL, we had many false starts in the sprint leading to the disqualification of little master r and during artistic gymnastics little miss h belly flopped onto the mat as she didn't know how to do a forward roll LOL by tea time (of high jump ham sandwiches followed by gold medal grapes!) the kids were exhausted LOL and so were the staff. i can safely say it was the best day at nursery ever and i just wish i could share the photos i took :-)

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