Saturday, 11 August 2012

busy! busy! busy!

yesterday was the childrens leaving party and graduation ceremony at nursery. for the first time ever the weather was lovely so we were able to have playing outside and a picnic tea before having the actual ceremony in the family room, by the time it was all over and it was time for home i was knackered, carting furniture around for most of the day doesn't really agree with me LOL then this morning it was more humping of stuff around as we got the bed base and mattress and various other bits of rubbish carted down to the tip :-) also had another sort out of the wardrobe getting rid of all the jeans and tops that are too big and i don't like any more :-) we then went along to the silverlink cos i decided it was time for a new set of sofa's. we've had these ones for years and they have done really well but the cushions are getting a bit flat. we ended up in harveys where there were three that i really liked, one was ruled out as the dark brown wasn't dark enough and the black was too dark LOL and the final descision came down to the fact the one i chose has a lovely contrast stitch to it, even more happily it was the cheapest one too :-) so only six weeks until delivery and i need to choose some nice cushions to go on it LOL of course dad is completely in love with it as both sofas have recliners on them, he'll never get out of the bloody things LOL

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