Thursday, 31 May 2012

Got it

This week i finally got my sticky mitts on the five stone sticker when i lost the final pound :-) i now want to lose another five stone by christmas so that's giving me seven months to do it. I was a bit disappointed with the 1lb but i knew the weight loss was going to slow down and it has so i need to be ok with that. I have started my gym inductions and am going to aqua fit twice a week as well as swimming and riding my bike so i am hoping that will help kick start the losses again in a couple of weeks time when my body has got used to it again. Plan for the bank holiday weekend is swimming, a bike ride and a visit to the gym and two lots of aqua fit as well as making something for the slimming world class jubilee tasting session so it looks like it's going to be a busy one, hope i can squeeze a wee bit of scrapping in there :-)

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Sandra said...

I can honestly say I'm in awe of you. Well done