Friday, 21 October 2011

what a busy week

at work :-) after our training day on monday my room buddy r and i decided to have a big change around in the room and make things a bit nicer, we changed the areas around and i've been making stuff for the home corner and also for the outside area, we went for a walk on tuesday and bumped into a tree surgeon who was chopping down some trees on a local estate, we managed to sweet talk him into bringing us some branches and logs so i've been busy all week turning our outdoor area into a bit of a woodland, have branches tied all along our fence, we made an autumn basket with leaves,grass and plants with the kids yesterday and today we made a bug hotel LOL i am now officially knackered and so looking forward to my sarahs cards retreat (13 dyas to go eeeeek!) and then a week away in a wood lodge :)

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