Saturday, 15 October 2011

all done

bar the handstitching :-) i was asked by a facebook friend and fellow uks'er if she could buy the last quilt i made, it was already for someone but i had enough material to make another if i bought more backing and wadding so i said i would make it for her, i had to have it ready in time for the sarahs cards retreat on the 4th of november to give it to her there so i'm rather glad to say it's nearly done :-) my next quilt is another lap quilt in blue/green and white. i'm making it to raffle at work with the money going to the sir bobby robson appeal, it's where a work friend was treated when she had a brain tumour so we always try to raise some money for it every year, i'm thinking of charging a fiver for a ticket and would be delighted to raise £100 :-) plan to get the material for that cut up tomorrow as well as get my first scrapping of the month done LOL then i want to make a wee padded case for my xmas kindle :-) got my eye on some lush sausage dog fabric from the stah for that little job LOL

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