Saturday, 2 April 2011

so of course.......

............the shop near me was closed !!!!! which was a bit annoying as they had a sign pasted to their door saying "we are at the arena" when their blog said that although they were at the arena the shop would still be open, hey ho, never mind i headed off into the wilds of rowlands gill to find the other shop, it's very nice up there, saw some gorgeous houses, lots of lovely daffodils and the woods were carpeted in some white flower, not snowdrops, something else. well anyway i finds my shop, the fat quarters and made my way into fabric heaven,it was jammed to the gills with tons of beautiful fabrics of all different patterns, threads, magazines, fabric dolls, bags etc etc but not only that there was a gorgeous window display, the shop was full of lush touches like an old fashioned silver cross dolls pram, vintage sewing machines, little cupboards and drawers that just drew you in and some lovely quilts up on the walls. i spent the first hour wondering around with my mouth, open in my element. there was a class going on and the ladies were very nice and chatty, the ladies working in the shop were lovely and never hurried me along, i ended up with two books and lots of gorgeous new fat quarters, now i just need to find somewhere to put it all LOL

i have made a start on my latest quilt which is a baby quilt for a girl at work, it's looking very nice even though i have only done 2 blocks at the minute, plan to do more tomorrow, see how it goes LOL

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Sandra said...

ooohh sounds like a wonderful shop, come on, share the name of it :) Knowing you, the quilt will be finished in no time at all :)