Wednesday, 13 April 2011

parents evening, spider trauma and other bits and bobs LOL

was parents evening at work tonight, i don't normally stay but thought since i was on a late shift i had better LOL as it was it was quite good, had lots of parents and never stopped talking LOL i'm officially knackered though especially as i had a terrible nights sleep last night due to major spider trauma, i keep my handcream by the side of my bed and as i reached down for it last night a medium sized spider crawled out of my curtains and straight behind my bed :( it was after 11 so i couldn't get dad up for help so had to be brave and try and find it so the entire bed got pulled out as i went on the hunt, didn't find it though so just had to try to sleep, i did sleep but every little tickle i felt through the night woke me up as i was convicing myself the spider was walking on me LOL

really looking forward to the next couple of weekends, hitting a fabric shop nearby on saturday as well as booking my car in for a service and then the easter weekend it's the crop at holystone but we are having a 12 hour crop instead of the normal 6 hour one, don't know if i'll manage a whole 12 hours but i'll give it a go LOL then the weekend after we have the wedding to look forward to as well as a weekend away and i've found a fabric shop near where we are staying too LOL

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