Tuesday, 8 March 2011

photos photos photos

here are some of the photos i took on the fab weekend that was the sarahs cards retreat, just a few mind cos i did take quite a few and i have 18 lo's to photograph and show off too LOL

Number one- the sweetie shoppe before the hoards of hungry scrappers descended on it and ate all the red liqorice even though i told them all it was mine LOL Number two- the state of our table, theresa, lorraine, kerry and i had such a mess and it was scary how neat some people had their tables LOL
Number three- the cropping room, this was either a mealtime or early in the morning as it's rather empty LOL Number four- the lovely orchids on the tables Number five six and seven-some of the lovely ladies i met, theresa and i at the evening meal we had just been laughing our socks off at the "brown" we had been served for supper LOL a last minute addition thanks to lesley, a photo of the very said "brown" LOL, amanda in the middle and caroline and lesley, lesley had me in stitches every evening meal LOLNumber eight-showing off my quick pod camera pole to jane in the queue for lunch on sunday LOL and last but not least number nine- the name badges ready for judging, mine is the green birdcage with the medallion hanging off it, the winning badge was just a little to the left of the picture so i mangaged to miss the thing LOL all in all a fantastic weekend and i can't wait for the next one :D


Jackie xxx said...

brill photos, lovely to meet you. Hope to meet you again.

looking forward to seeing your layouts next.

Allycat x said...

Glad to see/hear you had a fabulous time! Like the font you've used on here!

Gems said...

Love the photos :)
It was lovely to meet you on the weekend xx

Nat said...

Hey Debbie! So lovely to meet you on the weekend and good to see you had a fantastic time! Really glad you bagged yourself a place for November (naughty girl!) - see you then!!! :D xxxx