Sunday, 21 June 2009

what a fab weekend

i have had such a lovely weekend, just what weekends should be about, having fun, relaxing and getting together with friends. firstly it was the durham scrap and yap yesterday, it was going to be a quiet one but it turned out really busy, it was lovely to get together with all the lovely ladies that go and we did much more yapping than actually scrapping as usual, i did manage to sort of do 4 lo's i just need to add bits that i had left at home and come up with titles for them all then they will be done, took heather and i ages to get home as the a1 was closed just after the washington services as there had been an accident, then when we finally got through the tunnel the traffic was awful around the silver link too.

did a frantic hoover and tidy up and the lovely girls from work started to arrive, we had a great time, lots of chatting, a great deal of laughs, a little bit of alcohol (well ok then a lot if the recycling bin is anything to go by LOL) and a rather yummy chinese takeaway. couldn't believe the state of the kitchen when they left, it took me ages to tidy it up and to get the dishes done but it was done eventually and i dragged myself to bed

had a wee bit of a lie in then took dad his father's day cards and pressies down and announced we were going out for lunch, he had forgotten it was fathers day so it was a nice surprise LOL we went along to the stonebrook and lunch was delicous, so much so that dad spent the afternoon snoring away the calories on the sofa LOL at least i had control of the remote while he was snoozing LOL even managed to get a couple of photo's of him concentrating on his prawn cocktail when we were out, they'll be great on a lo LOL

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