Wednesday, 10 June 2009


gross and disgusting blog post on it's way LOL

after having been poorly over the weekend my poorly ear developed into a full blown cold on monday and it was a feat of willpower to drag myself into work over the passed few days, now when i get a cold i always end up with a chest infection, well so far this has not been a chest infection but i have managed to cough up some rather unsightly phlegm every morning, when i got up this morning i felt the need to blow my nose and there was this almighty(or so it felt like) pop and this green stuff shot out of my nose!!!! at first i was a bit worried it might actually be a bit of my brain as it was so big but on closer examination it was the wrong colour (it was a definite green and i've always imagined my brain to be a pinky grey colour LOL). all i could feel afterwards was as if i had some space in my head and i could definately breathe through my right nostril much betterLOL i figure it was my sinuses clearing out so now i'm hoping for more green stuff out of my left nostril and with any luck that will me being all better LOL

oh and to cheer myself up i booked another holiday (yeah!!!!) you'll never guess where i'm going in november LOL

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