Sunday, 18 November 2012

What a rip off

After dithering about it for absolutely ages i finally made my mind up last night to go and see eddie izzard at the metro radio arena. And since i had spent the evening laughing my socks off at jason manford on the telly i decided i'd go and see him too at the city hall in newcastle. So i heads upstairs to book the tickets and to see where my seat was. Not to bad a seat for jason manford, but cos i've left it so long i'm up in the gods to see eddie izzard LOL. Mind you the booking fees and handling fees etc are a complete rip off, £35 to go and see eddie but by the time you add all the fees (including £2 to print your tickets off at home !!!!!! I went for the £2 and have them posted to me LOL) it has cost me £42.50! Jason wan't too bad but still an extra £3.75 on top of the ticket price for booking and handling! Just have to wait until may for eddie and ocober for jason now! Still it'll give me something to look forward to :-)

And on the plus side i lost two pounds this week to take me to over seven stone gone, 99.5lbs to be exact :-)

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