Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A loss :-)

After last weeks surprise weight gain and not feeling confident about this week although i've been very good, i was pleased to lose 2lbs, so that's 79.5lbs so far, mind you god knows how much difference there will be when i come back from 2 weeks in scotland LOL

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Rosie MacLeod said...

Hi Debbie - well done on your continuing journey. You were my inspiration for starting SW and I'm almost at my first stone :)
I' ve also had 2 holidays in the last 2 months- you have to be able to live and enjoy life.
Hope you have a wonderful time in Scotland - where are you going?
Just try to be 'sensible'. You may find that you are more active than usual- even tho you may not get to swim, and that should help.
Have fun
Rosie x