Monday, 30 April 2012

Been busy

Devourng books the passed week or so, really enjoying my kindle and have bought some more new books to go on it :-) was talking to some of the girls at work about books and we have decided to start our own little book group. Just waiting to get the first official book then we are going to get together in june and have our first discussion. Ooh proper grown up eh LOL Not looking forward to weigh in tomorrow, have been in a munchie mood all week and still not done any exercise what with it being *week and i'm still loaded with cold. See what tomorrow brings eh? But i have set myself a challenge by buying myself sonme new clothes for my holidays. I bought them in the size i can just get into now, so by the end of june they will hopefully be fitting me properly. And one of the girls at work has said she'll come shopping with me when i've lost all my weight so i know which shops a 43 year old should be shopping in. Told her she's on though she might need to weight until this time next uear LOL

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