Thursday, 18 August 2011

it's finished

and i love it even if it's a bit wonky and not quite square LOL i'm very proud of this quilt as its the first time i've tried something other than squares and rectangles and i'm also very proud of being able to work out how to set the squares on the diagonal :-) this is the front of the quilt held up by dad :-) it's just the right size to cover my legs when i'm sitting on the sofa so let's call it a lap quilt :-) this is the back of the quilt and i had to add some of the strips from the jelly roll to the backing material as it wasn't quite wide enough, it wasn't until i took the photo that i realised just how wonky the backing fabric went on but hey ho it just adds to the character i say LOL i decided to quilt it really simply by sewing lines quite close together, again they aren't perfect and they certainly aren't all straight but i quite like the look :-) of course now it's finished i'm itching to start another and i have just the thing, a gorgeous red and black jelly roll to play with :-)


Sarah said...

And it's absolutely gorgeous, Debbie. Am loving the colour palette xxx

Sandra said...

Debbie you must be so proud of this, it's absolutely gorgeous.